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Frequently Asked Questions



What can I do while the game is still in development?

There isn't anything you can do unfortunately. Unless, you have skills for a team position we have open, you can create a staff application. Otherwise, you will just have to wait.

When did this project start?

Research for the TCG begun in early 2016 and development started a few months after.

Why did you create a TCG emulator?

After years of working on SWG emulation servers, I noticed they all were missing a system that played a pretty decent role in the game, it was the TCG! After seeing many projects say they weren't going to implement it, following the statement with "it would be too much work", I decided to create it by myself (Iosnowore) without any reverse engineering or packet information. Our goal is to populate most SWG servers with the TCG, bringing back memories for many, as well as content.

I'm a server admin of an SWG emulator project, how will I be able to put this on my server?

We are still debating on how we will be distributing it. This will be updated once we come to a firm conclusion.

When the roadmap is complete, will the TCGEmu still be active?

Yes! More than likely there will be bugs that weren't caught or noticed when the game is released, which we will have to fix. Also, we plan to expand the TCG beyond what it was when Star Wars Galaxies ended, but that is too far into the future to get into details.

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