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About Us

Hello and welcome to TCGEmu!
We are a project ran by a handful of people with the same goal: bringing back the iconic Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game. The project was founded in 2016, and was created because it was close to six years after SWG shutdown, and there wasn't a single project that attempted to resurrect the trading card game. This was mainly because of the roadblock of not having any packet data or reverse engineering research from the live game. We are the first project to overcome that challenge, creating the game from scratch. But the funny thing is, none of our staff have actually experienced playing the trading card game. We are basing all game mechanics from game manuals, videos and images from live, as well as past player explanations.

Our current goal is to finish the development roadmap, which you can view here. Once that is finished, we plan to start distributing the server and client files so servers can start using them. It will take a little while until it's finished because of the limited manpower we have now. But hopefully in the future we will have a few more extremely talented volunteers join us to bring back the game many want to experience again.

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